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Writing coaching + Consultancy

Here’s the truth: regardless of what “kind” of writer you think you are, every person who writes reaches a point in their writing practice where they feel like things would be better if there was someone who “gets it” to root them on. 

Maybe you just really want regular feedback from an experienced professional, or help making a tailor-made plan for your goals and aspirations, short and long-term. 

Maybe your biggest stumbling block is in your mindset, or figuring out a schedule that works for you. It could be helpful for you to talk out your ideas to gain clarity, or just to a space to show up and be accountable.

Because everyone should have access to tools that help them hone their craft, I offer 3 choices of writing coaching, a separate consultancy package, and editing services, all designed to accommodate economic realities and well as time commitments. 

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courses + resources

Stay tuned...

Patterns and Practices: The Keys to Effective Ethical Communication

a course specifically designed to illuminate key rhetorical concepts that make any communication situation easier, launches its second round in September!

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books and movies and music, oh my

Reading lists, music playlists, movie recommendations and more curated to broaden our collective horizons, experience cultural nuance, and ultimately build empathy.

Whatever appears here is 100% free-- for your book clubs, your meeting groups, and your own personal enrichment. All I ask is that you ENGAGE with this work: read it, listen to it, watch it, absorb it into your bones, and then WRITE BACK and share your own findings (I'm always looking for a book recommendation...)!