Patterns and Practices:

The Keys


Effective Ethical Communication

begins March 20th 2018


Do you ever daydream of the perfect conversation?

One in which you are able to express yourself fully and be completely engaged and empathetic?

A conversation that leaves you feeling seen, heard, and nourished, knowing that you’ve done the same for the person you’re speaking with?

Saying communication is complicated is… obvious.

But do you ever feel like maybe it doesn’t have to be quite *so* hard?

If you’re seeking tools to help you communicate more effectively, whether that’s with a partner or a group of friends, within your business or workspace, or across ideological divides, you’re in the right place. Learning new patterns and practices will help you understand yourself and others, handle conflict with grace, and clarify your communication in any situation.

Express Yourself Clearly

In an increasingly globalized, digital world, knowing what, when, and how to say what you want to say can feel daunting. You want to speak truthfully, learn from others, and make the world a better place, but sometimes it can feel like everywhere you turn, conversations devolve into arguments, and language gets used as a weapon more often than a healing tool.

...This might mean that you keep your words to yourself, afraid of hurting or offending others.

...Or maybe you repeatedly find yourself in conversations that took a wrong turn and you’re not sure where.

...Social situations may feel sticky, strained, or simply unfathomable, so you find yourself staying away from topics that everyone’s desperate to understand but no one wants to broach.

I get it.

As someone who works with words for a living, I know how sacred and how destructive the power of language can be. I also know that our “scripts” for conversations aren’t working: we don’t feel seen, we don’t feel heard, we talk over and at each other, searching for connection while making each other feel lonelier than ever.

It’s time for a paradigm shift.

Don't you agree?

And, interestingly enough, I think we have to look wayyyy back in the past for the tools that we can refashion to help us build a better future.


An Ancient Practice


I believe we can use the ancient practice of rhetoric to help clarify our conversations and gain insight, wisdom, and confidence in what, when, and how we communicate. Foundational rhetorical concepts can be used as tools to help you understand yourself, your place in the world, and how to best use your voice in a way that is both effective and ethical.


  • being able to speak your truth clearly

  • showing up fully in important conversations

  •  being confident in your ability to lead and to learn

  • being able to handle conflict with grace 

  • having a toolkit that you can use time and time again to help you unpack, understand, and truly transform your conversations and communications


Patterns and Practices: The Keys to Effective EThical Communication
begins March 20th 2018

Patterns and Practices: The Keys to Effective Ethical Communication is a five week exploration of foundational rhetorical principles for those who are ready to dig deep.

Feeling the call?

There are two ways to participate:

Option 1: The course. Move through the material supported by weekly soul work, "office hours," and a private Facebook page.

Option 2: The course +  a 1:1 call with me. Go deeper into the material and tailor a plan for how to apply it in your own life.  

There are only 5 spaces available in Option 2!       

If you'd like to explore Option 2, please click "Apply Now" below and set up a (free) time to see if its a good fit for you!

This course is for you if:

  • You love to learn new things and are excited to take on big ideas

  • You desire specific tools to help you be more effective as a writer, entrepreneur, or public speaker

  • You want to be able to understand why sometimes communication works and sometimes it *really* doesn’t

  • You yearn to communicate (in personal life or business) with greater clarity and understanding

  • You want to help make a change but aren’t sure where you’re needed (or how to begin)

  • You’re committed to synthesizing and applying new information to make a shift

During the course, you’ll see how “thinking rhetorically” can completely shift your understanding of everyday conversations, you’ll learn how to analyze, adopt, and apply key rhetorical appeals in communication, and you’ll explore how rhetoric can help you pinpoint where and how to use your voice most effectively in your quest for social change. You’ll feel smarter, more engaged, more capable and confident in your life and your work.

This course is not for you if...

You want a quick fix.

You're unwilling to keep an open mind.

You can't or won't commit to five weeks of radical communication transformation. 


Included in the course:

  • Workbook at beginning

  • Weekly short essays/videos unpacking each concept

  • Soulwork designed to take you on a deep dive, applying that week’s concept to your own life and work

  • Access to hour-long weekly “office hours”: a group call where we can ask questions, unpack even more, and learn from each other

  • Access to a private Facebook page for further community connection


About Me


Hi, I’m Rachel Adams.

Officially, I am a lecturer in rhetoric and composition at a public university in Western North Carolina. Beneath the surface, I am a word trickster, storyteller, and wisdom seeker who reads, writes, and thinks about ethical communication and intersectional activism.

I believe in the awesome power of language, in transparency and radical self-responsibility, and in the absolute imperative to work towards liberation, justice, and transformation for all.

Patterns and Practices: The Keys to Effective Ethical Communication
March 20th 2018


Course Curriculum

If you’re curious...the course curriculum includes:

Weeks 1-2: The Rhetorical Triangle

Classical rhetorical appeals for effective communication & social applications

Weeks 3-4: The Rhetorical Situation

What's happening "behind the scenes" in any piece of communication

Week 5: Situating in Time

How timing can make or break effectiveness & ethical communication

Other details...

* Initial workbook and weekly essays/video will be delivered via email

* Office hours and optional 1:1 will be held via a private Zoom link (included in weekly email)

I’m so glad you’re here.

If you want to learn more about me or the work I do, head on over to: 

Or set up a quick free introductory call here:

Patterns and Practices: The Keys to Effective Ethical Communication

Patterns & Practices
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Patterns and Practices begins March 20th


I hope you'll join me for five weeks of learning, growth, and change. I can't wait to work toward transformation with you!