Where can I get valid and relevant information?

There’s so much out there! How do I know where to begin?

How can I tell what is good information?
I don’t know what sources to trust!

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Does any of that sound familiar?

You love your work… but the underlying questions make the research portion feel heavy, tedious, and tiresome.

You want grounded, reliable information as well as support in creating your product, but you either don’t enjoy the research process, don’t have time to prioritize quality research, or you simply wish someone would take this part of the overall puzzle off your hands.

In my work as an educator, I guided hundreds of students through the research process on a variety of topics in a number of subject areas.

Not only can I take over the research portion for you, I can help you develop skills to help ease and solidify your research processes moving forward and identify sources aligned with your interests and desires that you can return to over and over.

Additionally, if you desire support in creating a course or a program, we can work together to build a beautiful learning experience for your community. We’ll work through how to take an idea and turn it into a course, balance activities, experiences, and learnings, and how to help it all take shape and still leave room for individual growth.

Research Guides and Curriculum Development are customized projects. I’d love to set up a time to talk about your work and see how I could be of benefit! If we decide to work together, we will negotiate a proposal and a price point after our initial conversation.

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