About Rachel Adams

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I’m so happy you’re here. 

I truly believe that each of us has a sacred responsibility to work toward liberation, justice, and transformation. I also believe that work requires that we strive toward conscious communication and community in every aspect of our lives.

My way into this work is through language.

As a rhetoric and composition teacher at a public university, I spend my time analyzing and understanding the power of words to shape, deconstruct, and remake reality. As I continue to grow outward from the university framework, I continue to learn how powerful language can be, and how we can harness that power to make actionable change in the world.

Paradigm shifts don’t happen: they are made.


I know that this work is uncomfortable, scary, and can be dangerous for some. I am consistently working on unpacking and facing my own privilege as a white middle class woman in the Western world, and I own the fact that this identity can complicate the conversation. 

And yet… I believe we all need to decolonize our minds. I believe that justice means atoning for the past while keeping an eye on the future. I believe that liberation happens when we learn to see and work to dismantle systems designed to keep us apart. And I believe transformation happens when we heal, together.

I’m not here to prescribe a panacea, and I definitely don’t have it all figured out. I am here to work side by side with you, in love and grace and soulfelt commitment. 

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