Group Work

Group coaching is for work groups, teams, co-workers, collaborators, and organizations who are experiencing disruptive tension, disagreement, stagnation, or otherwise detrimental group dynamics. You and your colleagues want an outside perspective to help identify what is happening, why it’s happening, and how to create long-lasting change for an empowered, functional, healthy environment.

You may have a single issue that needs quick resolution or an ongoing or recurring issue that requires deeper transformation. Group coaching sessions are held in confidential, nonhierarchical space for all members of the group to express themselves and be heard openly.

  • The initial session establishes the framework and opens the floor to identify the issue(s) that need change.
  • The second session is a deep dive into the underlying dynamics creating the issue.
  • The third session deals with goal setting and accountability moving forward.

These sessions are based in the philosophy and methodology of circle work, in which participants will cocreate belief statements, action plans, and accountability agreements for sustainable holistic change.