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Tell me if this sounds like you :

You’re a teacher, a parent, a coach, a businessperson, an entrepreneur,
a leader in your work, your family, and your community.

You’re paying attention to what’s going on in the news and on social media and you feel overwhelmed… there’s so much heartache, discord, tension, fear, and anger.

You’re a socially conscious person—you want to work toward liberation and justice, help heal rifts, and create lasting change. 

But you’re scared: you aren’t well-versed enough in “the issues,” you don’t know the right vocabulary, you’re too much of this or too little of that, your communities aren’t supportive, and you don’t want to wind up hurting people as you’re trying to help.

All those fears, I feel them. 
All those desires, I have them.

I am You: as an educator, a family member, part of a community, and a person who deeply desires to see change in the world. 

I believe we each have a responsibility to wake up, to educate ourselves, to try hard, to learn from our mistakes, to hold each other fiercely accountable with grace and love.

And as leaders, I believe we have a responsibility to change the systems that have created such inequality and instability.

But it starts with YOU and a dual commitment: to your own inner work of healing and the outer work of change. 


So where do I come in?

I can help you walk the path.

From education to integration to action.

Together, we will work towards a better world. 

The Path

Before we begin: please know that this path is not linear. The work of self-education continues forever. There is always new wisdom to integrate, and your action in the world will grow and change as you do.


Tangible resources culled from my own life’s work and research: resources to help you learn, to expand your understanding and your knowledge. These resources are meant to be the tip of the iceberg—which is why I am constantly updating them and providing additional resource lists. Education is also a two-way street! As you do your own research and self-education, please feed our tribe with what you learn. 

This process of education can be exciting—it’s so much fun to learn new things! However, we need to be aware that it’s not enough to simply know

It’s easy to consume information. To learn new vocabulary words. To be well-read, well-educated, well-versed… and well-intentioned. But only knowing is like buying new furniture for a house before checking the foundation. We won’t create lasting change unless we’re willing to dig deep, to take what we learn and turn it inwards.

The world needs people to put knowledge into action.

In order to do that, you need to integrate what you learn.


This step on the path will test your commitment. Because in order to integrate what you learn, you have to be willing to excavate your own foundation, acknowledge what comes up, and clear it in order to move forward. 

In order to excavate, we have to be willing to examine all the ways we might be complicit in the world being the way it is. We have to be willing to acknowledge our own part in either making, sustaining, or ignoring the systems that have caused such harm. And we have to be willing and able to clear: to release old stories, to forgive ourselves and others, to give ourselves and others grace, permission to make mistakes and most importantly, permission to change. 

As you integrate, you will feel the shift: stronger, more confident, more capable. Able to speak up and take a stand. Able to make decisions and defend them. Integrating your education means you are ready to take action.


One of the damaging myths of modern social justice movements is the implied story that says: “If you’re not doing what I’m doing the way that I’m doing it, then you’re not doing anything worthwhile.”

I call bullshit. I believe that as long as each of us is working toward liberation, justice, and transformation, strides we make in one area will benefit the work being done in other areas.

Each of us has a way of doing things that works best: for some it might be in the classroom, for others in the boardroom, and still others with their children. There is no best or worst way to work towards a better world, as long as you’re doing that work with clear eyes and a firm heart. Together, we will figure out an action plan for you, based on your own lived reality.

The world needs all of us. Let’s walk the path together.


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